2021 Global Year About Back Pain


The Global Year About Back Pain aims to guide and support clinicians, scientists and the public in understanding the global challenges of preventing and treating back pain. IASP globally represented task force seeks to provide a diverse range of information to assist in understanding what is currently known about the epidemiology, pathophysiology, and management of back pain, particularly with respect to the delivery of evidence-informed, cost-effective services to those disabled by back pain. The 2021 Global Year Task Force recognises the difficulties presented with understanding and treating back pain across the world and hopes to facilitate changes needed to address the global burden of disability due to low back pain.


  1. To identify barriers and propose solutions for improving the prevention, investigation and treatment of back pain.
  2. To summarise the most effective and cost-effective modalities for the successful management of back pain, particularly in resource-poor communities.
  3. To integrate the use of tools for stratifying people with back pain into management pathways with the provision of person-centred care.
  4. To facilitate further research, management, education and advocacy needed to reduce the global burden of back pain.

By providing free fact sheets, webinars, publications, and more, IASP hopes this campaign helps lead to better patient outcomes, and contribute towards IASP's vision of global pain relief. Find out more about the campaign here.

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