A walk a day may keep the pain away


The benefits of incorporating a daily walk into your lifestyle are endless and can make a tremendous difference to those experiencing chronic pain. Some examples include improved mood, boosted immunity, delayed ageing, improved heart health, lower blood pressure, increased lung capacity and the list continues.

It is often presumed that physical activity should be avoided at all costs for those with chronic pain conditions, however that advice dose not always apply. If you suffer from chronic pain it can be incredibly beneficial to prioritise gentle movement. By engaging in regular exercise, the stimulation of the joints and muscles can preempt pain escalating.

As little as half an hour a day can significantly boost wellbeing, vitality and overall health. It’s as simple as lacing up your joggers and putting one foot in front of the other. However any new habit can take time and may feel like a big step at first. We have a few key tips to keep in mind before you set out on your next walk…

1. See your Doctor first

It is important to speak with your Dr or health care professional before proceeding to ensure you have the green light to get started. Taking this precaution can ensure you have clear boundaries, a good understanding of what's achievable given your condition and prevent injury. This can also support you in setting tangible goals.

2. Seek a supportive buddy & Shoes!

Feeling supported is key, whether its your choice in shoes or friends. Take the extra care and time to seek out both and you will go the distance. Hit up your local shoe store and speak with an expert to ensure you find the right fit. Having a walking buddy is excellent accountability and can be the added boost of motivation you need to get you out the door.

3. Start slow & Set the pace

Remember its not a race! Take the time to warm up by starting with a few light stretches. Enjoy the process. Set the pace, the best way is to slowly increase your speed as you go, to avoid injury. A good measure is if you can walk and talk comfortably, if not slow it up a little and allow yourself time to advance.

4. Stay hydrated

Don’t forget to hydrate, carrying a drink bottle while you walk is the best reminder. Taking short breaks along the way at bubblers for a breather and drink are important and key to your endurance.

You're all set and ready to go. Good luck, you've got this!

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