Facial Pain Awareness


Facial pain can be incredibly debilitating.

Transcript below:

October 2023 is Facial Pain Awareness Month. Now, you might think, why does facial pain need its own month of awareness? The answer is because facial pain in many of its different formats is really one of the severest, most uncomfortable, most distressing of the pain conditions that can afflict humans.

And a lot of people will in fact suffer in silence as they feel that treatment may not be successful or available to them, or they failed certain treatments.

In my experience, there's certainly been probably a higher degree of psychological distress around the pain that's experienced. And so having an actual month where we can actually have a conversation and talk about something is a way to demystify something.

It's a way to de-medicalise it, and it's a way to non-demonise it, if you like. In that we can start to bring light and information to this issue and help equip people who are suffering from persistent facial pain with knowledge and information about accessibility to get treatment in different areas for them.

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