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Research is an integral part of what we do in order to offer our patients the best possible treatment options.

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Almost by definition, patients tend to come to a pain clinic because they've got persistent pain that is not settling down, that is not going away, that is not manageable, that is distressing. So, the very nature of those persistent symptoms means that for some patients, their pain can be difficult to treat, can take months to get under control. And for a very small group may not come under control. And we may need to assist them with how to live with and how to manage that level of ongoing pain.

So, you can see just from that statement alone, that research into how to improve things and come up with new treatments and new options must be critical to any pain clinic because we want to come up with solutions for the future. Research is important to us at Hunter Pain Specialists, really on two levels. One is constantly combing the output of the world's research literature so that we can be abreast of changes and advances that are occurring.

But the other aspect is actually the importance of participating in it. At Hunter Pain Specialists, we set up a dedicated research unit, Genesis Research Services specifically for this purpose so that we could contribute in bringing clinical trials to patients and bringing patients to clinical trials. We've been running that research unit since 2005, and I think we've done somewhere of the order of 70 trials or so, and continue to do more than 10 studies a year, specifically in the field of pain medicine as well as in other related fields.

And we're able to not only look at the symptom of pain, but also looking at underlying conditions that cause pain. Being able to do that, I think is critically important. Many patients have felt that it's been profoundly empowering to them to be part of a solution for the future. Obviously they do it to see if they can be helped themselves, but even if they cannot be helped or if they didn't experience help out of that aspect, just contributing makes them feel a worthwhile, important piece in the puzzle that is trying to crack chronic pain.

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