When to seek help for pain


It can be hard to know when consulting a pain specialist is a useful step. In this video, Dr. Suiter provides some guidance.

Transcript below:

Chronic pain, it's a spectrum. It can be mild, it can be severe, and anywhere in between. No matter where you are on that spectrum it affects all aspects of your life. It can lead to depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions. It can lead to social isolation and fractured relationships.

I've seen patients before they've had any treatment or been to a chronic pain clinic and they come in for the first time and they can be often very distressed.

I do remember a patient in the last few months who after the appropriate treatment plan, having his quality of life back, enjoying life, playing golf, doing the things that he loves again, the pain's better, the life has improved, they're moving again. It's probably the most gratifying thing I've ever experienced in my life.

What I would say to people suffering chronic pain would be that you're definitely not alone.

There are lots of different management options ranging from physical therapies to injections, to medications, to psychological treatments, and often people need a little bit of everything to produce the best outcome.

If you have pain to any degree of any duration of time, whether it's three months or three years, there's probably something we can help you with, so don't hesitate to get a referral and come in for an assessment.

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